Concentrated latex consists of about 60 % Rubber and is obtained after field latex is subjected to a process referred to as "Centrifuging". Natural Latex is centrifuged to increase the Rubber content as low Rubber content has no practical application in Industry.

We ensure quality at each stage of the process – right from the procurement of raw materials through the manufacturing stage to delivery.

Timely collection of latex, preservation to the correct level to arrest coagulation in the collected latex and cleanliness of containers ensures that only high quality raw materials go in for processing.


In the manufacturing stage, we ensure that the right quality of raw material is used and all processes are followed stringently. We produce high quality Latex consistently meeting international standards.

Our products are the essential building blocks for much more complex and varied products such as household products, health care products, toys, industrial goods etc. Broadly classified as Low Ammonia Latex and High Ammonia Latex, we produce quality products for our customer's needs.

We Manufacture Centrifuged Latex of Two Varieties:

Low ammonia preserved centrifuged latex containing a maximum of 0.30 percent ammonia (LATZ).


High Ammonia preserved centrifuged latex containing a minimum of 0.60 percent ammonia (HACL).
In both these types of centrifuged latex, quality is mainly determined by the level of Volatile Fatty Acid (VFA) in the latex. Lower the VFA number, higher is the quality of the centrifuged latex produced. In addition to VFA number, there are several other parameters to ensure the quality of centrifuged latex. The standard specification of centrifuged latex produced by us is given below.
Description Parameter Low Ammonia
Latex (LATZ)
High Ammonia
Latex (HACL)
  Specification Specification
  Total Solids Content (TSC) % by weight (Min) 61.5 61.5
  Dry Rubber Content (DRC) % by weight (Min) 60 60
  Non-rubber Solids Content (NRC) % by weight (Max) 1.5 1.5
  Alkalinity % by weight (Min) 0.25 0.60
  Volatile Fatty Acids (VFA) Number (Max) 0.05 0.05
  Mechanical Stability (MST) Seconds (Min/Max) 600 - 1200 600 - 1200
  pH (Min/Max) 9.5 - 11 9.5 - 11
  Magnesium Content p.p.m. on TSC (max) 40 40
  Colour Visual Inspection No pronounced
blue or grey
No pronounced
blue or grey
      No pronounced
odour or putrefaction
No pronounced
odour or putrefaction

We custom-produce centrifuged latex to order, for example, double centrifuged latex or centrifuged latex with a maximum VFA No 0.02.

Our processes are in tune with the best practices in the industry and are stringently adhered to. Our well-equipped lab can undertake a variety of quality processes to ensure quality output.